Mollono.Bass (foto)
NaamRonny Mollenhauer
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groepKombinat 100
Genresfunk, minimal, techhouse
Mollono Bass aka Molle is widely acknowledged as a part of the legendary Kombinat 100 quartett and also as the mastermind of the newly founded label Acker Records where he released his debut EP >LINSTOW E.P.< at the end of 2006. A year earlier he already produced a successful remix entitled >Hey Na EP< for Ostwind Records in a more floor and ear candy orientated minimal version as Marlose's original track bringing out his familiar organic style. Now he is at it again and we are happy to announce his own debut EP on Ostwind. Like his productions with Kombinat 100, Mollono Bass combines warm grooving and driven drum sets with dubby, harmonic and emotional elements - intuitively knowing - how to tell the crowd those special moments...
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