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Ir. Vendermeulen (foto)
FunctieDJ, live act, MC
Genres50s, 60s, 70s
Ir.Vendermeulen (Amsterdam) is known for promoting the sound of what he calls 'The Golden Era of Music": the rare and beautiful lost treasures of the 50's-early 70's.He does this through his deejaying, playing the saxophone and organising cool parties.

In the early 80's he deejayed and held his first parties in/around Haarlem and Amsterdam, which where R'n'R/R'n'B/Soul/Ska-nights.
In '98 deejay-duo De Teutonics was formed together with dear friend Gerrit-Jan van Ham, specialising in what they called "BuleBule à Go-Go": a blend of French YéYé, 60's Europop, Soul, Beat and Crazy Cover-versions from all around the world. The duo worked together for 5 years.
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