foto Poison Yvy
NaamYvette Drenth
Genresbreakbeat, drum & bass, dubstep
partyflock Poison Yvy (9 dec 2015)
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  • Yvy Drenth


In 1999 Yvette Drenth a.k.a Poison Yvy fell hopelessly in love with drum & bass, mainly triggerd by the Forms parties in Arnhem at he Goudvishal. When the interest grew into an obsession she packed her sleeping back every weekend to visit one or more drum & bass parties. After several years of continuous raving it became clear to her; she needed some decks, and fast!

Coming from a musical family and beeing able to read musical notes before anything else (thanks to her grandfather), the urge to mix became like one of the first necessitie of life. After contacting someone via a forum she learned the basics. Not much later, in 2007, a good friend lended her some money so she could finally get her own decks. It all went very fast after that.

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Laatste feest was op vrijdag 15 november 2019: Planet Jungle, Hall of Fame, Tilburg

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Lekker stevig gedraaid op Psyfi :)
The Shockb­laster
Was een vet optreden op TK07 invites FreaX, :D!!!(Y)

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Leuke plaatkeuze +­ mooi meisje (goeie reet!!)
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