Mike Všth (foto)
NaamMike Väth
Genresminimal, techhouse, techno
Mike Väth (or Vaeth) is a real Frankfurt "original", even though he's been living in Zurich since 2007.

And yes, he's "the brother of..." But he's so much more than that. It seems as if all the members of the Väth family have a creative urge looking for an outlet.

While his brother Sven famously turned to music and nightlife, Mike Väth has been involved in digital art for many years.
Only after his "other livingroom", the legendary Frankfurt-based Omen club closed its doors forever, music became a relevant means of expression for him.

Together with René Walliczek and Paul Schulte (Ex-Earth Nation & D.A.F.) he founded the "Mike Väth Project".
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miky wat stond je er weer gaar bij op love family park naast je grote broer ;)