Mikkim (foto)
Functielive act, DJ
Genresbreakbeat, drum & bass, jungle, techno
SiteSite mikkim.net
MikkiM is a musician, producer, and DJ based in Prague, Czech Republic. He produces his own unique style of music, an original combination of electronics fused with ska, reggae, dub, balkan and punk elements. He composes within a huge variety of styles ranging from chilled dub beats, jungle dancefloor smashers to hardtekno madness.

So far he has released 2 full lenght CDs, 7 vinyls and many digital singles. He has played gigs in most European countries and South America, sometimes being a headliner for a festival or club night. Together with MC, Turner, he has been the main support live act for the tours of Dreadzone and Zion Train. He collaborates with worldwide known artists including many legendary names from the music scene
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 19 juni 2015: Rave on the Mill, SkalŠkuv Mlżn, Mezirícko
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