Nick Memphis
16 juni 2017
NaamNick Manvis
Functie67 × DJ, producer
HerkomstNederland Nederland
Genreseclectic, electro, hip hop, house, r&b, urban


It was March 11th, 1991 when young Dutchman Nick Memphis saw his first light of day. Born in Amsterdam and raised in a small city called Purmerend, Nick developed an interest for music at a very young age. At the age of 11 he started to play with his uncle's drumset. While Hitting his first snare drum and bassdrum he fell in love with music. At age 15 he started to play the piano, this is where Nick build his musical foundation.
At that time when Nick was finished with school his focus was on music and developing his piano playing skills.
When Nick turned 15 he decided to book a dj for his birthday. When that dj let Nick mix a couple of tracks himself and told Nick he was selling his turntables, Nick used all his birthday money to buy these turntables. After his party the dj left but the turntables never did. Nick obtained a new way to play with music and started his dj career.
Nick started practising his dj skills day and night driving his mom crazy and his first gigs soon followed...

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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 8 juni 2018: Not So Netjes, De Heeren van Ruysdael, Veenendaal
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