foto Utah Saints
NaamTim Utah & Jez Willis
Functielive act, groep
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk


Utah Saints are Tim Utah and Jez Willis.
They have been making music, DJ-ing and playing gigs around the globe since the birth of House music and are made up of Tim Utah and Jez Willis.
The world renowned duo have released 9 Top 40 UK hits, 4 of which hit the Top 10. They have sold over 2 million records worldwide, sampled a huge range of artsist from Annie Lennox to Slayer, Kate Bush to Metallica and have supported U2 on a UK and European tour, set up and promoted award winning and legendary clubnights in Leeds, London & Edinburgh and have recorded and presented shows for radio stations such as BBC Radio 1, XFM, Galaxy, Kiss and Ministry of Sound...

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Artiest Sinclair
Utah Saints... One of the best things from Leeds :respect: