Shurakano (foto)
NaamFrancis Okundji
Leeftijd45 - 46
MC Shurakano started in the music business in the early 90s working for several record labels and clubs in Belgium and performing mainly in Europe: France, UK, Italy, Spain… Author of multiple European and global dance music hits like "Right on Time" for Syndicate of L.A.W "Doing my own thing" and "Down and under" with Kid Crème, "Trust it" and "Alone" on Junior Jack's Debut Album, Monako "Shake that Body and "Saxo Anthem" with Sandy Vee and Fred Pellichero, Dj LBR's "This Party" and "U Got it"… He's constantly busy on new tracks and worked with artists like Daddy K, Topazz William L. Wright, Sandy Vee, Shamel S...
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