Carl Benson (foto)
NaamCarl Benson
Genresminimal, techno
"The kids want Techno" - but not only they do!

At least in case of Carl Benson who seems to be conducted of refurbishing the image of the Ruhr -Techno substantially. The "Duisburger" is a kind of new aspiration of the Ruhr area and far beyond of stereotyped Beatport Top Ten and perpetual Pseudo-Minimal Tracks he represents the best proof of Sound, which still rock our local Clubs.

Ever since he can remember he felt a passion for music – ever since he is able to coordinate his arms motor-driven he felt the desire to convey himself in it. Before venturing the turntables in 2003 he kept on playing the drums for some years – which definetely has sharpened his senses for rhythm and grooves.
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 13 september 2015: Sundays, Studio Essen, Essen
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