Liefhebber & Cichecki (foto)
NaamJan Liefhebber & Andrea Cichecki
FunctieDJ, live act, groep
Genresacid, electro, house, minimal, techhouse, techno
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Party agenda Liefhebber & Cichecki
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 20 juni 2009: Highland Beats, DJ Café Decadenz, Amsterdam
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Jay Minimal
tent afbreek duo..!!;)
jah, gezellig :D
Les Ley
Vette tante
Jan & Andrea, een gouden duo!! (y)
Jenny Rose
echt heel vet!
Jeroen-Theo (l) Techno
Wat een duo :respect:

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hier nog een mix van andrea en mijn :
Liefhebber &­ Cichecki

An unlikely combination ally to create the perfect sound united by a driving force and passion for music.­ Andrea Cichecki is a classically trained musician who discovered house music in the late 90’s and has dedicated her life to electronic music ever since.­ Against all odds Andrea was determined to follow her dream and spent all her time producing, DJing and organising events.­

Jan Liefhebber is one of the most well-known techno DJs in the Netherlands.­ His roots lie in the underground party scene and his labels, including well-respected Highland Beats, and his skills earned him international recognition.­ Jan Liefhebber is synonymous with techno and with everything it stands for.­

Andrea and Jan met in 2005 when Andrea was assigned a work experience placement in the studio adjacent to the Highland Beats home base.­ At that time the Chicago house that Andrea played was miles away from Jan’s techno.­ In the summer of 2008 Jan and Andrea were booked at the same festival.­ Jan was amazed at what he heard.­ Andrea had progressed so much and her music style had changed.­ Jan had also changed.­ Whereas he made his name as a pure techno DJ, his sound had evolved and he integrated house elements in his sets.­ Andrea and Jan realized that although their roots were far removed from each other the combination of their music could be something special.­

The chemistry is there… when Jan and Andrea play together it takes your breath away.­ House and techno amalgamate and live elements ensure that you hear something new and refreshing.­
Einde project: Liefhebber & Cichecki (Jan Liefhebber & Andrea Cichecki )

Door persoonlijke redenen stopt het project Liefhebber & Cichecki.
Het was een korte samenwerking en vanaf heden zullen we ons eigen muzikale weg volgen.

Vanaf nu concentreer ik me op mijn eigen muziek en label en zal alleen als solo artiest optreden.

Ik wens Andrea succes voor de toekomst.

Jan Liefhebber