NaamMarc Loage
Genreshappy hardcore, harddance, hardstyle
Marc Loage, upon leaving the army at the tail end of 2003 caught the UK Hardcore bug and this led to the highly prolific residency at one of Glasgows ONLY weekly UK Hardcore nights in The Vaults for Luminous, which seen him DJ alongside everyone from Scott Brown, Sharkey, Lenny Dee and lots more. This itself led to gigs at the Carling Academy for the huge BTTF brand.

Fast forward a few years and Marc has played all around Scotland covering all styles from House all the way through to Hardcore to quench his thirst for DJing, playing regular gigs at events such as BTTF, GBX, Coloursfest, Fantazia and many others.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 4 augustus 2018: Coloursfest 2018, Braehead arena, Glasgow
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