Electric G (foto)
NaamGlenn Westenberg
FunctieDJ, producer
AliasWest & Hill
Lid van groepenOutcasts & PONY
Genresminimal, techhouse
Dutch based producer & deejay Glenn Westenberg (Electric G) had an early feeling that he was interested in all kinds of music. He started making music in late 2005 together with friend and producer @sjef-wanders-music. Together they started a project and after some productions and local successes they started producing on their own. Glenn started spinning records in early 2008 under the alias: Electric G.

In early 2010 his track ''Loopboy'' was released on the german record label: Finger Tracks which is an exclusive inbound label of the underground record shop Decks.de The track did it well and also appeared in different DJ Charts like those from Adam Port, RAMPA and Sandeep, to name just a few.
Combining several styles and influences in his tracks is what Glenn likes to do the most. Every track is a new adventure full of unexpected surprises.
Experimenting and implementing different sub-genre in his tracks makes every track unique and different.

Glenn is also a member and resident of the Claydrum organisation which hosts party's in and around Holland. Claydrum is well-known for the 'Driehoek' and 'Nachtapotheek' concepts where DJ's like Rauwkost, Pierre (BE) Luna City Express, Darko Esser and Guido Schneider already passed by in the line-up..
In late 2011 he created a new act together with Kevin Joyga; PONY was born. With already an EP released on Sintope digital together with KARMON and feedback from NTFO, David August & Solomun & a busy playing schedule you can expect some more for the future...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 11 februari 2012: Planet Rose presents Dave Clarke, Doornroosje, Nijmegen

Party agenda West & Hill (alias)
De Microclub17 bezoekersComplex, Maastricht
West & Hill
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Jy [Blames]
Jacky B.! :respect:
Een supervette set bij de nachtapotheker! dit wordt een goeiee!
geweldig achter de draaitafel,maar ook super figuurtje voor de draaitafels!(L) his track loopboy!
Dr Phill
De meest vloeiende dj van Maastricht en omstreken.
Hopeloos 8);p

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Artiest Bams
goeie driftskills
woohoo nr 12 :P

vitamine b & Electric g ftw babyyyyyy!!

ga zo door jong ;)
Geweldige gast,held!Zorgen dat deze jongen aan de top komt.
Fjezze Vent Mjoezik Podcast #18 Electric G's "Claydrum @ Planet Rose promo mix"