Mihai Popoviciu (foto)
NaamMihai Popoviciu
FunctieDJ, live act
Genreshouse, minimal, techhouse, techno
Mihai Popoviciu, from Sibiu in Romania, is considered one of the most innovative eastern European producers of electronic music today. He was born in Romania in 1981 and was drawn to the fast-growing rave scene of the 90's. He started producing music in 2001 being influenced by the techno and house virus and it took many years of experiments untill he came up with his first vinyl release on DJ Hell's imprint Gigolo Records in 2005. Since then he has steadily added chapters to his personal success story with solo projects and those with partners like Markus Homm or Jay Bliss. In June 2007, his EP "First Contact" was released on Pascal Feos' label Level Non Zero Recordings...
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 16 juli 2017: Whoosah by Day, Whoosah, Scheveningen
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Rafael Mesquitas
played a nice set Diepgang, and he is a nice guy to!

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