Hauswerks (foto)
NaamColin Barratt
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
A childhood of spending your lunch money on Jungle records, reading your older brothers Eternity magazine and amassing rave- tapes does a lot to a person. Underground music culture becomes a part of your DNA and no matter how hard the 'real world' tells you to do something sensible, it just doesn't resonate.
This is the story of Hauswerks. Whilst his preferred tempos may have slowed down over the years, his obsession with grooves is more prominent than ever. Having made the decision to work in music whilst still packing a P.E kit for school, Hauswerks has notched-up well over a decade of studio experience, producing with and engineering for globally recognised names such as Steve Lawler, Doorly and Mark Knight to name but a few...
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