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NaamAkira K.
Functielive act
Genresbreakbeat, electro, house, techno
SiteSite 8gb.kikencorp.com
вгб is an audiovisual producer and DJ from Buenos Aires, Argentina, making music since 1994 and performing it live since 2004. His work comes as the connecting point of his visual and musical activities plus his fixation with old computer hardware restrictions exploited for maximal creative output, as well as his relation to the computer arts underground of the early 90s.

Influenced by the early pioneers of Chicago house, electro and Detroit techno, his sets and productions today are loaded with rhythmic bass-driven, house-inspired, futuristic tunes that flirt with his inherent latin influences.
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Laatste optreden was op vrijdag 10 januari 2014: Eindbaas 15 & 030303, EKKO, Utrecht
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