NaamDieter Vorderhake
Genresminimal, progressive, techno
partyflock Dieter (29 dec 2016)
Born in '74 and started DJ-ing in '90 at small private parties. After visiting Turn up the Bass house parties, Club Latido, Waakzaamheid and 'Here we go again' after parties and being inspired by DJ's as Dimitri, Tommy, Angelo and Eva I chose for vinyl in '93. I remember that I made this decision after I heard Dimitri play the tune "Who's groove" from Spank da Monkey and I saw the crowd go wild. Since then I wanted to reach the same goal of getting the crowd moving on uplifting underground music that I choose to play.

I bought my first studio equipment in '95 to get the feeling of making house music. After the virus struck me, my next purchase was a Clavia Nord Lead which is still present in my current studio. My studio grew and grew and now more than a decade later I am almost satisfied with the sound of one of my finished tracks. I did not know it back then... but it takes some equipment to actually produce a track that sounds alright..., but maybe I am too picky towards myself ;-)

I have played at various parties ranging from parties in DJ-café's to gig's in the Heineken Music Hall, Amsterdam and Hemkade, Zaandam. My goal is now to create cool but different records and to start playing more. My style ranges from minimal & techno to progressive, and I love old school! Playing my choice of records and making sure the audience is happy is my motive. It's all about the beat!
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