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NaamGavin Legrand
FunctieDJ, live act
Lid van groepGT Werk


DJ, producer and music lover Gavin Legrand, better known as Gave, started his career as a future talented producer at the age of 13. After spending 3 years to improve his producing skills, the countless studio sessions paid off. His refreshing style was picked up by E-Max, the artist who recorded hit tracks as 'Fuck That' and 'Welcome to the New Land' and after some months mixing Gave's tracks in the legendary french club: Le Tremplin, this duo presented their first collaboration EP welcomed by Records Mania.

Gave's breakthrough followed in 2007 with the release of 'I can do' & 'Mc Drunk'. These huge smashes hit the charts and Gave claims his place between the Belgian top dj's. In the next 2 years Gave went on to release several hit tracks such as Black Math, Sad 2 Glad, Overgame, Domino, Stuck, All U Ho'z, … and his unique innovating sound becomes Gave's trademark. His growing reputation and success made him co-produce and remix some of the biggest names in the jumpstyle & harddance scene such as Mark V. & Poogie Bear, Dj Bam Bam, Chicago Zone, Coone, Lobotomy Inc, The Playboyz, Pat B, Dr Rude and many more.

Gave travels around Europe where he plays at the major festivals and he becomes one of the resident DJ's of Le Tremplin.

In 2010, Gave launches his own label: Black Math Records, releasing several hit tracks such as 5 Hundred, Skool, Spritz, Juke that Girl, Diet Coke, … followed by the most listened monthly Black Math podcast. For 2 years, he expands his style co-producing & remixing with artists such as Bestien, Mark with a K, Fenix, Dr Phunk, Ghost, Demoniak, E-Max, Dany BPM and many more.

In 2012, Gave becomes member of Toff Music (Dirty Workz, Zoo Records, Crunk'D, Zino…) and keeps his unique style going by releasing massive tracks such as Slasher, Hot Sauce, Music Talking, Inner Music, Undertaker…

Behind the decks Gave gives over-the-top performances. His unique technical skills and quality music carefully selected make him stand out. With appearances at Love Parade, Tomorrowland, Nature One, Defqon 1, Reverze, Summer Festival, Decibel Outdoor, City Parade, Bassleader, Laundry Day…and the best clubs out there, Gave knows how to make it memorable!
9 augustus 2008
Foto's, The Qontinent, 9 augustus 2008, Puyenbroeck, Wachtebeke
26 december 2007
Foto's, Oversized, 26 december 2007, Zino, Tilburg

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master of tek himself;)
BAAS _­0_­
Dr Vibration
_o_ nothing else to say
Dr Phunk Music
such a normal personality and such a Great DJ.. keep rockin Gavv (Y):D
Mr.­ Jack The Daniels 076
''The'' Man :respect:
***­ Man-D ***­
:respect: zegt genoeg ;)
.­ : / Naiki \ : .­
Af gewoon aff
haha ja man ik zie hem op vip reverze ga hem zeker zien als hij draait zekere goed dj
i can do , i can do !
Mijn Sleutel :jaja:
Gavin (Y)
hij is toppertje was gistere in de Q en wreed zijn haren:cheer:

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Dj Gave !!!:D

let me show you i can do !! echt een goeie
als ik moe gaan opnoemen welke nummers van hem goe zijn ben ik wel eve bezig :P
Gave @ Bass Invasion :respect:

God of the Tek
Uitspraak van verwijderd op donderdag 20 september 2007 om 23:54:
God of the Tek

zonder meer... ZWAAR knallen :banana:
Oeff dat gaat goed hardgoan worden op reverze :P zeker als ie net zo lekker draait als zn tracks lekker zijn :respect:
i-traxx - elastique gave remix ownt zwaaaaaaar en ja three ook!!!!!!!
26 december zijn 2e boeking in Nederland...

OVERSIZED @ Zino / Blitz :)

Tracks klinken prima !

Go on like this if you read this Gavin ;)
Uitspraak van verwijderd op donderdag 20 september 2007 om 23:54:
God of the Tek

Superb Producer :respect:

i like the gavin style !!!!!!

Keep up the good work boy (Y)
deze man is echt goed bezig !!

this man is really doing a greet job !

my favourite is sweet dreams gave rmx :P
Sooo bij tek atack zette die eve n set neer
word je bang van :D:D:D
keep up the good work
sommige producties zijn wel goeie vn hem maar sommige echt slecht :no:
Uitspraak van BeMMeL... op zondag 3 februari 2008 om 16:26:
Sooo bij tek atack zette die eve n set neer
word je bang van
keep up the good work

Jah zoals jij al zei , daar wor je gewoon bang van zoveel heerlijke tracks in een uurtje (zoiets was t voorzover ik t nog weet :P)

Wacht ook met smart op zn volgende release op KOJ :worship:
laatste aanpassing
Artiest Rapido
idd me 2

black math
gaves shhh
laatste aanpassing
Artiest Ghost Dog
Gave dikke prima!!!