NaamAxel Doorman
FunctieDJ, MC
AliassenAxel Doorman, Tha Brainless Freak, Lexa
Lid van groepCenobite Collective
It all started when Axel Doorman was a little prick.
Music was everywhere, so it was something that could be created with any piece of equipment that came on his path.
One day, when his mother had enough of all the broken and smashed things in the house,
she bought him that well known Casio.
Ever since that day there was chemistry between Axel and electronic music.
A few years later as the first computer came inside the house,
he collected his first software and soundsamples.
The addiction became complete and the passion grew more and more.
From that time on every little bit of spare time was used making music.
Axel started mixing back in 1996 when he stated working for a local radio station near Amsterdam.
The idea was clear: take his creations out to the right audience.
Just like many dj's in that time his career started with mixing Hardcore.
His first gig was in Zaandam in the legendary Hemkade. But since they didn't needed anymore dj's that night, he was asked to host the stage as MC.
And so that new experience became another great skill.
A few years passed by and Hardcore faded back to the underground.
After hours of searching for a new sound he stumbled over something completely different, yet it was there already for some time; A new love was born, Techno. From 1999 to 2002 he was a resident in a club near Amsterdam and mainly played Techno. After the club closed down he played at different clubs like De Waakzaamheid, Lexion, Hemkade and Club Line-Up. It didn't took long before the first gig outside the Dutch borders became a fact. With the E-Lake Festival (Luxembourg) he played his first big festival with a crowd of 15000 people. A few years later he played at Club Inigo in London for the Dutch based label DjTrx, where he was signed. Together with names like Isis, Don Diablo and Smashing Sebastian he made it a night to be remembered. Along the way, his love for the harder styles never died and he joined Cenobite Records
to give his oldest passion a good home.
With a lot of diversity in styles of music around the whole electronic music scene,
this is a guy to be watched closely.
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