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Genresdeephouse, house, indie, jazz, techhouse, techno
DJ Eric"Powa" B. aka Eric B. starts his career in the mid 80's ("La Gaite", le "55", "Boccaccio" where he resided for years).
He makes a huge success of Antwerp's "La Rocca" over a period of 10 years. Returning to Brussels, he becomes resident DJ at Who's Who's Land.
Aside from his Belgian career, he has a pretty hefty European schedule, playing all over Europe in well-established clubs like D! club (Ch), Pulp(Fr), Nouveau Casino(Fr), Paradiso (NL), Pacha (Sp), La Dune(Fr), Rex(Fr), Amnesia (Sp), Queen (Fr), Sugar Factory(NL) and so on.
He's also resident DJ for City Parade (Be)
He have also a residency on several Web & FM radios (such as "Soul Radio/Uk","Warm FM/Be,...)
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Laatste optreden was op zondag 14 augustus 2016: Age of Love, La Bush, Pecq
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