Dr. Bastardo (foto)
Functielive act
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresbreakcore, jungle
Boekingen viaSite varispeed.eu/portfolio/dr-bastardo
Contrary to popular belief, Dr. Bastardo has no formal medical training but is a respected academic professional in the world of the Techno Sciences. After a botched flaming barbed wire table spot put an end to his promising career as one of Tijuana's most promising hardcore luchadors, the doctor (then simply known as El Bastardo) devoted his full time and attention to the advancement of Techno Science.

The doctor's research has covered a wide range of techno science, but he is best known for ground-breaking experiments in sub atomic separation, often referred to as breakcore. He has recently focused his attention on conservation and biodiversity in jungle.

Well known research papers include:
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normally i dont listen breakcore , only speedcore & terror but he is a great artist who makes really good breakcore :)

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