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Mittelstrahl aka Rene A.Costa is a techno dj since over 10years.
i live in salzburg ,austria and here i started mixing in the year 2000 as hobby,and from this time techno is a big part in my life! -from 2004-2009 i was resident dj in the cave club ! where i get a great national fanbase!played at many gigs with all headliners around the globe!
i play all kind of techno-from tribal-progressive-hadtechno-and also industrial hardcore-but not under 139 bpm!
since over three years i work also (when i find some time)on reason-to produce my own tracks,which you can listen to on this page!
you can listen to my powerfull pumpin dj sets(only with vynil)anywhere or eberywhere i play!if you want to book me,please write [email]trace84@gmx...
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 10 december 2005: Compressed - Hardliner/FFM, Cave club salzburg, Salzburg
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