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NaamPiter Terpstra
Lid van groepFrisian House Maffia
Geboortedatum23 juli
Genreshouse, minimal, techhouse, techno
Piter Terpstra, better known under his alias Neo Young, was born in the late seventies under the constellation Lion, which fits both his taste in music and his appearance. He has been operating in the dance scene of the northern part of the Netherlands for more than fifteen years now, fulfilling multiple roles as a DJ, organiser and label manager. As a DJ, Piter started spinning at venues in his hometown Leeuwarden, where he introduced new styles in electronic music. During the last couple of years, Piter has been booked to play at various clubs in- and outside of the Netherlands – performances that shaped him into the self-confident and energetic DJ that so many people have come to know him as.

The vigorous DJ that he is, he always provides the screaming crowd with one last record before it is time to go home. His raw and authentic style fits perfectly to please even the most worn out party-animals after a long night of dancing. This quality comes in handy while playing long after hour sets, where he is free to play a wide range of records, switching mostly between the genres of minimal, techno and techhouse. It is in these late hours that Piter really gets his groove on, making sure everyone in the room loses track of time and becomes sucked into the music the same way he is.

Besides from being a DJ with an almost inexhaustible enthusiasm for spinning records at every hour of the day, Piter is also co-owner of the Dutch Klopfgeist Label, which he founded in 2007. Since then, various international and national artists have used Klopfgeist as their main platform for releasing music, including Piter himself. Piter's own track 'Smotch' came out on the imprint in 2008, and, after having a few busy years with very little studio time, new tracks will soon be released on both Klopfgeist and Moral Fiber. From the outset, Klopfgeist has been playing an important role in providing a lot of talented producers from all over the Netherlands with a solid base from which they could develop their own style.

Next to managing his own record label, Piter has also been busy with various other projects. His organisations 'Arthouse' and 'Het Kantoor' have been pushing the Leeuwarden scene forward, by organising events in both the bigger and smaller venues around the city. As a part of Klopfgeist, Piter also set up several successful label nights in and around the Netherlands, but also abroad in Berlin and in Italy. In 2011 Piter took his organising skills to the next level when he co-founded the by now infamous club Paradigm in Groningen. Since the beginning, Paradigm has steadily gained an internationally recognized reputation, while providing Groningen with the first club mainly focused on underground electronic music. Paradigm thus forms another chapter, but certainly not the last, in Piter's long lasting musical career.
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