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Making booties shake around the world.

Secretly listening to the radio after midnight on his alarm clock in the late 90s, Dave Mayer was completely hooked on the DJ mixes and live broadcasts from Masters at Work, DJ Sneak, Carl Cox, DJ ROOG/Hardsoul, and others. The funky, groovy and soulful sounds of house-music. After getting his own gear together at the age of 12, he started playing house at small parties to gain experience, to get used to playing for a crowd and to learn from other DJs.

Dave Mayer's professional career took off in 2006, when he got the opportunity to spin at the beautiful Hotel Arena, Amsterdam.
One of the resident DJs cancelled and gave Dave the opportunity to prove himself, and so he did.

Dave was asked to play across the country, together with biggest Dutch and international DJ's in house music, like DJ ROOG/Hardsoul, Derrick Carter, Sergio Flores, Junior Jack, Danny Marquez, Kid Crème, Random Soul (Yogi & Husky) to name a few.

In 2007 he started to take producing seriously. His first project, a remix of JJK's 'Primitive Future', was picked up by Defected's Copyright and got released on the legendary Soulfuric label. Dave was now also getting requests to play outside of Holland, across Europe and other continents. He obtained several residencies at renowned clubs, like MIX Club Budapest (HU) and Rex Club Hilversum (NL).

Nowadays, Dave has proved to be a talented DJ/producer with his high quality remixes and tracks on labels like Strictly Rhythm, Soulfuric, OM Records, Hardsoul Pressings, Salted Music, Ultra, etc and with tracks on the renowned Defected In The House compilations.
He's also responsible for throwing the first "Salted Music" label party in Holland, which turned out to be a huge success.

Dave's wide interest in house music makes him able to play at those intimate, deep and soulful parties, but also work the crowd with jacking and techy sounds in the bigger rooms.

Dave Mayer's "Section" EPs on Strictly Rhythm were charted #1 on, world's leading website for underground house music. 'Funky Like That' ft. Roland Clark was charted #9 of best selling House tracks of 2011.
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