Mitja Prinz (foto)
NaamMitja Prinz
Genresdubstep, goa, house
With over two decades of experience (but still in his early thirties), Mitja Prinz has remained an active figure in the development of Berlin's dance music history. His impressive longevity as a DJ is not a matter of simply adapting to trends, but helping shape them, creating a truly international resonance in the process. Prinz's first foray into DJing began at age nine, and aside from traditional musical training, he developed his mixing skills within the hip-hop scene before crossing over to house music. By 1995 he caught the attention of the legendary club Tresor where he developed his famous marathon DJ sets, keeping the crowd engaged for up to 14 hours.
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Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 9 mei 2015: Yes, Watergate, Berlijn
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