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NaamDustin Zahn
FunctieDJ, live act
HerkomstVerenigde Staten


The story behind Dustin Zahn is not a particularly unique or exciting one. There are no breakthrough moments or mentors who have taken him under their wing. But since 1998, his work has put his career on a slow and steady ascent. Along the way, Dustin has gained over 10 years of experience and unrivaled musical diversity as both a producer and a performer. This alone has earned him respect among techno and house legends, purists, and contemporary DJs.

He now performs regularly around the world at some of the most reputable clubs and festivals along with some dodgy, sleazy warehouses and beach parties in-between. His DJ sets are much like his releases. "I like it dark enough for the boys, but groovy enough for the girls...

Uitgaansagenda Dustin Zahn

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 12 oktober 2019: Ampere, Ampere, Antwerpen

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Productioneel top, live ietsjes minder...­

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deze dj moet snel geboekt worden dikke nummers en liveset van hem gehoord zieke shit :P
analog god (dustin zahn remix), roadkill (zahn remix) & straw hats (zahn warehouse dub) dikke platen :respect:
Jaaaaaaaaaaaah :D Dikke vette shit :D En gewoon op defqon :banana: