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Lid van groepenR-Zac
vroeger: Spiral Tribe
Genresbreakbeat, tekno
69db has been improvising on liveset since 1991 . Over the 20 years he's worked all over the world in raves of all kinds from free to commercial. The journey began on London's underground Soundsystem's in the early 90's then progressed to manland Europe where he's been playing out all over since.69db has worked on many labels such as Trax records chicago, Labworks, Force inc.,Acid orange, Spiral Tribe Records, Network 23 records , Drop Bass records, Rabbit City ......... More recently much of 69db's output can be found on Expressillon the Paris based label who's deal with records etc. On the net these days the most up to date stuff is to be found on [url]www.creationforge...
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Party agenda 69DB
Laatste optreden was op zaterdag 2 december 2017: Acid A GoGo & SP23, Brebl, Nijmegen
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Draai archief
Brebl, Nijmegen
Le Cargo, Caen
M.S. Stubnitz, Hamburg
Feestzaal Salle d'Eau, Lier
uitverkochtLe Double Mixte, Lyon
Parc Expo, Mâcon
Club La Dune, Toulouse
RADION, Amsterdam
Warehouse, Rome
ICC Ghent, Gent
Inox Montpellier, Mauguio
Vlnena, Brno
Espace du Lac, Bordeaux
Lakota, Bristol
KD Gerbera, České Budějovice
Le Dock des suds, Marseilles
Camp Hadinka, Klokočov
Kantine am Berghain, Berlijn
Factory 010, Rotterdam
Club Nit I Dia, Vic
Warehouse, Rome
Glazart, Parijs
Espace du Lac, Bordeaux
Club La Dune, Toulouse
L'Annexe, Romans sur Isère
Discotheek Centro Essenza, Siena
Club Coatelan, Plougonven
Expo Prague, Praag
Factory Club, Milaan
Le Soft, Parijs
Fuse, Brussel
WORM, Rotterdam
Le Dock des suds, Marseilles
Parc La Prevalaye, Rennes
Duke's Forest, San Martino Valle Caudina
Le Dock des suds, Marseilles
RekreacnŪ stredisko VeöŪn, Věšín
Village Underground, London
Rue de l'Arbouchet, Steinbach
Cabaret Sauvage, Parijs
La Carene, Brest
Le Silex, Auxerre
Viper Theatre, Firenze
Pand14, Amsterdam
Espace Grammont, Montpellier
Camp Hadinka, Klokočov
Bosuil Stadion, Deurne
WORM, Rotterdam
Rue de l'Arbouchet, Steinbach
Le Double Mixte, Lyon
Cabaret Sauvage, Parijs
Kunsthaus Tacheles, Berlijn
KD Gerbera, České Budějovice
JOC Minus One, Gent
Les Caves des Cornillons, Luik
Rue de l'Arbouchet, Steinbach
Ranch, Turijn
Mezi Sklady, Praag
Dynamo, Eindhoven
Paard van Troje, Den Haag
Electrowerkz, London
Spaarnwoude Station, Haarlem