NaamJason Soesman
AliassenJ.J.Walker, Jim Jameson
Lid van groepenJason & The Argonauts & Pete Bandit & Jason Shae
partyflock Jason Shae (28 jan 2013)


Buying his first turntables in 1998, Jason Soesman became interested in playing vinyl after playing at a friend's house for the first time. It was there and then where his journey began. Getting his hands on Richie Hawtin: Decks, EFX & 909 in the year 2000 there was no turning back.

Summer of '04: it was time for a change. Jason decided, together with the three afore mentioned friend...s, to combine DJ'ing with live elements. It was the first stage of creating of their very own live-act: Jason & the Argonauts, taking up all available time and a lot of effort.

Within two years since their great investment, they've developed themselves into one of the key Minimal acts in the Netherlands. Next to their appearances at stages like Voltt, Mono, Phonocult, Rockit, Less=More the four also acquired a residency at the Magnetronik-nights held at Club Poema.

Although heavily committed to the live-act, Jason is still discovering new ways to expressing himself through playing hisvinyls. Jason Shae's DJ sets can be described as French Funk, Chicago House with a hint of Berlin stripped down house. Due to the use of Serato he can easily combine material from the boys of Jason & the Argonauts with records from other artists.

Uitgaansagenda Jason Shae

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 20 augustus 2016: Pathfinderfestival, Bronsbergen, Zutphen

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Deze man is een eindbaas!
djej djej djes djeeeesssuuunn! Wat een sound, en wat een skills!!!
My Main Man !!
Willi Vanilli
deze pappi pompt 'm!
Zuster Lieke

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Deze man, wat een sound en wat een skills!!!!
He know what house music means...­