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NaamLeo van der Weijden
Genresclub, groove, house
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Leo literally grew up with music. His father is a music lover as well, and together they spend much time listening to his father's records. Being blessed with an absolute hearing he started playing the drums at the age of 13 and he bought his first turntables at 14. Night after night he polished his skills. At the age of 17 he became a local break out in Zandvoort's Club Yanks resulting in a number of guest gigs in lots of prestigious Dutch Beach Clubs like The Republiek and Beachclub Vroeger, Bloemendaal.

Leo Vanderweijden played regularly in Amsterdam as the resident dj of De Kroon, on of the hotspots in Amsterdam. Till January 2009 Leo Vanderweijden worked as the producer and resident dj of the famous radio show Clubbin' on the Dutch radiostation SLAM!FM. Later on he was the Promotions Manager of recordlabel NEWS Records.

Leo's sets are famous for its immaculate technical skills paired with his very own sound, deep, techy and funky house. The exact way he has excited many people at parties like Framebusters in The Escape, Molotov in Hotel Arena, Funkd in Panama and Fierce Angel in The Powerzone.
Leo Vanderweijden has already performed outside the Netherlands; Club Love on Ibiza, the Caribbeans Dutch Antilles, both on Curacao as well as Bonaire, Tokyo Project Party at Neighbourhood London and the Pacha New Years Eve Event in Cape Town.

Selection of clubs and events: Pacha New Years Eve Event (Cape Town, South Africa), Ewowo, Little Havana, City Café, Tu Tu Tango (the Dutch Antilles), Club Love, El Ayoun, Ses Stanjol (Ibiza), Neighbourhood (London, the UK), D-Sign (Düsseldorf, Germany) Escape Venue, Ocean Diva, Supperclub, Powerzone, Hotel Arena, Panama, De Kroon, Jimmy Woo (Amsterdam), Beachclub Vroeger, De Republiek (Bloemendaal), Musk (Hilversum), Hollywood Music Hall (Rotterdam), Mystery Land, FFWD Rotterdam Dance Parade, Hed Kandi, Beachbop, Girls Love DJ's, Fierce Angel, Millionaires Fair, Playboy Night, SLAM!FM Rembrandtplein Q-Day, SLAM!FM Beachbreak, SLAM!FM Clubbin' At The Beach (The Netherlands)

Nowadays Leo runs his own radio promotion company, he co-owns the Madding Crowds record label together with Jochem Hamerling, he works as a technical producer at Jurlights and he's still a dj/producer. Every second Saturday of the month you can hear his radio show For The Love Of House on
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