Kenny Kramp
Hardcore Hooligans · 24 februari 2006
NaamJames Hollins
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresclassics, early hardcore, hardcore, oldschool
Jim Bones (Also known as Kenny Kramp, Slim Jim), DJ since 1992 and founding member of London's Cross Bones Sound System (1996-present). Best known for playing early Belgian, Frankfurt and Rotterdam styles. A producer since 1995, he is also co-founder of the Last Tomorrow, Rave Frontier and Cross Bones record Labels. He has also released tracks on ACA/Acardipane, Minimum Syndicat (vinyl) and Resident E, Bio Mechanic and Rotterdam records (CD). For bookings, Jim Bones can be contacted via the Crossbones Sound System Page on Facebook.
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