NaamPerrine Bourban Cotteron
FunctieDJ, producer
Lid van groepenHell Twins & Obvious
Genrescrossbreed, darkcore, industrial hardcore, terror
In 1996 Miss Jay-Kill discovers the world of techno. Already her preferences of styles are for the hardcore and industrial. Since the first evening, while listening to the performances of DJs, she was fascinated in being a DJ herself. She began to save up to buy her first DJ material in 2001 for practiced and improved her DJ skills. A after having given her proofs, while mixing in several parties the Swiss German part opened its doors and she regularly appeared at the important events. She started the production with his husband dj Lem-X, and in 2005 she publishes her first piece "More Blood in Your Mind". She had the opportunity to
mix in others countries like France, Italy and Holland. Up today she produced several tracks...
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Super wijf!!! nice vinyl spinning

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Nog geen live kennis mee mogen maken maar kijk er cker naar uit:D
Uitspraak van CompanyBluhh op zondag 6 januari 2008 om 20:37:
Nog geen live kennis mee mogen maken maar kijk er cker naar uit

100% mee eens :P