Giana Brotherz (foto)
NaamFrank Hahn
FunctieDJ, live act
Genresbreakbeat, drum & bass, dubstep
Giana Brotherz are undoubtedly one of the most exceptional artists within the German Drum&Bass scene.
It all started back in 2000 when the producer duo SSB (aka Chicken & Sola) formed the Drum&Bass live project Giana Brotherz, to create a stir within the scene. Even their first releases on Basswerk & Pathfinder acquired international recognition and were played by almost every "Big Name" DJ of the time. Their track "Crossed Roots" (Basswerk 015) was one one of the most important releases of 2002, and it was only a matter of time before the UK would pay attention to them: In 2002, DJ Fresh released "Tessla" on the Bad Company sublabel Square One...
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