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NaamXavier Morel
Genrespsytrance, techno, trance
Xavier Morel's love of electronic music started on a faithful day in '76 when he won Kraftwerk's Radio Activity single at a winter fair.
12 years later he was mixing at underground parties in the suburbs of London when one day he decided to go traveling. Amazingly he found his way onto a billing at Kho Phangan's infamous New Years eve parties and then made his way to Japan. Since then Xavier has toured his sound all around Europe, Asia, Australia, the U.S.A and South America. ??From the late '90s, Xavier produced several tracks on various projects, mainly with Juno Reactor from 1996 to 2008, Prime Suspect, Section X, Eat Static, Fuel, Carcharodon Megalodon. Now all his effort and studio work goes into a collaboration project called VX with Virgil Enzinger from Salburg, Austria. In 2009 VX debuted their first album 'VX-Fiction' on the German label Nachtstrom Schallplatten and has seen success with the likes of Speedy-J, Dave Clarke, The Advent, Eric Sneo, Felix Krocher, Arne (aka Extrawelt) etc. praising their releases. Xavier Morel sums up his style best: "The most important concept in music is not the way you play your tracks but the story you make with them! Mixing and music is my passion and my career. I hope to carry and share this as long as possible!"
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