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foto E-De-Cologne
NaamPatrick Krämer
FunctieDJ, live act
AliassenFlex Busterman, Patric C., Patric Catani


E de Cologne, Gabba Love from Cologne / Worringen. Started releasing records in 1992 on the Label Monotone which was a sidelabel of Structure and the formerly known Delirium Records (now Kompakt). Instead of going to school, E de Cologne was meeting people like DJ Bleed, Triple R, Wolfgang Voigt (Mike Ink) and the whole gang around Dr. Walker in the center of Cologne and produced music on his Amiga 500. During the years he explored many different directions of electronic music under different names but once in a while he comes back to his first project and enjoys the innocent vibe this music always gave him. E de Cologne is still producing music and remixes under his first moniker until now...

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