Lúcia Lu
20 september 2022
NaamLucia Luciano
Functie18 × DJ
HerkomstDuitsland 🇩🇪
Ook herkend als
  • Lucia Lu


In a city of DJ transplants, the born and bred (East) Berliner Lucia Luciano is a standout in more ways than one. The DJ, community organizer, podcaster, model and co-founder of the popular Hoe_mies collective has become an unmistakable figure in a notoriously homogenous scene. Both in her former work with Hoe_mies, whose mission is to create safe spaces for marginalized people in a scene dominated by cis, white males, and in her distinctive sound as a DJ, Lucia Lu challenges the narrow conception and antiquated stereotypes of what "Berlin techno" looks like and sounds like, and most importantly, who it is for.