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NaamAril Brikha
FunctieDJ, live act
Genreselectro, techno


In 1998 Aril Brikha reacquainted the world with deep techno soul, as his record Groove La Chord crossed generic boundaries. Is it techno? Is it house? Is it deep house? It's everything and nothing. Groove La Chord is simply timeless. No one was more surprised about the success of Groove La Chord than Brikha himself - after all, he'd originally presented it on his demo as a potential B-side. Two years after he recorded Groove La Chord, Brikha heard it in a club for the first time - Derrick May pulled it out in Chicago.

Aril then realised it was a good track. The renegade always walks alone. As a cultural exile in Sweden, Aril Brikha has never been one to conform. Born in Iran with Assyrian ancestry, Brikha emigrated to the Scandinavian country at three. Brikha demonstrated his musicality early - with his parents nurturing his talent. At seven, Aril was given a keyboard and his father, a pianist, taught him to play. Before long, Aril was picking up notes by ear. In his early teens he developed an interest in electronic music acts - such as Depeche Mode, Front 242 and Jean Michel Jarre. Brikha obtained an Atari and started to use a sequencer and, after initially emulating the music of others, he began composing his own at 16. Friends who heard his material told him it was 'Detroit techno'.
Brikha had no idea what that was - and so they played him records by Robert Hood and Berlin's Basic Channel.

At a time when the Swedish techno sound was starting to be identified with minimal, loop-based 'DJ tools', Brikha was creating cerebral, emotional and spiritual electronic music. No one wanted to listen. Brikha disseminated his earliest material on Swedish imprints - Dunkla, Plump, and Placktown - but realizing that his music wasn't what the local labels were seeking, he looked for fresh outlets. Aril, now residing in Stockholm, obtained the addresses of three independent companies - among them Derrick May's Transmat Records - and posted out demos. As it happened, Transmat contacted Brikha and, as a consequence, his Art Of Vengeance EP (with Groove La Chord) was issued on its sister label, Fragile, in 1998. A year on, Aril followed it up with the LP Deeparture In Time, a collection of evocative grooves - like the intricate Embrace, transcendent Otill and the electro-funk Setting Sun - gathered over a six year period and laid down with just one keyboard, a drum machine and an Atari. It drew exultant reviews. Since forging an alliance with Transmat, Brikha, celebrated as the new star of deep techno, has toured solidly with his live show, playing everywhere from the inaugural DEMF (Detroit Electronic Music Festival) to in-vogue clubs like London's Fabric and Tokyo's Air and Yellow.

With a large gap in releases Brikha has recently reemerged from a production hiatus with a few select releases on some of Europe's most forward thinking and popular electronic labels showcasing the width and breadth of his production style; On Belgium's historic Music Man label Aril's sound progressed with a more in your face, harder production but still maintaining that classic Detroit sound. On Germany's trendsetting minimal Kompakt Brikha's 'Winter Ep' took yet another turn with two tracks that were destined for the bigger clubs and much play from Tongy and others making them massive peak time performers. And finally on highly desirable German imprint Poker Flat this time Brikha was again destined to find a new wider audience with the upfront, plastic percussion and gnarly synths - Maximal sounds and Minimal production. Fast forward to summer 2007 and the long time awaited releases on Peacefrog bring both Brikha and Peacefrog back to where they begun with two 12" and then a full length album showcasing Aril's classic sound of Detroit techno / house with elements of his recent productions. With haunting strings, filtered chords and synth pads adorning the hypnotic beats, Ex Machina transcends dance music's ever multiplying genre's and brings back the old feeling of making us just want to dance.
1 september 2007
Foto's, Rekorder, 1 september 2007, Poema, Utrecht

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wat een lekker vet deuntje draait laat ie horen!
Deeparture inTime! En live fantastisch
HELD !!!!
Jack Wax
Absoluut mijn held - Dikke Diepe Melodieuze Techno ! Smullen !!! :respect:
Briljante muziek, livesets om te koesteren alleen heeft ie echt veel te lang niks meer uitgebracht :(
wow!!! Wat een bizar goeie artiest! Dikke shaize!
King of Snake
Cocoon Magistraal!!!
R. Manhouse
'Saver of the night' tijdens Cocoon :D Ge-wel-dig
vette shit hoor op cocoon :)
Fokkin' geniaal!!!
Hij is echt super!!!
- yur -
Focking held
heerlijke after nummers. vooral de track winter :D
Bart :banana:
nondekanonne wat een setje @ 013! KONING!!!!!!!!!!!! :respect:
J. Doe
Super! Echt een zeer bijzondere eigen sound.­
hij draait lekkere diepe platen en heeft heelveel oog voor zijn publiek!!
Brother Lou-E
super producer !
respect top dj

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Wat een producties maakt die man zeg...­!!!!
geweldige sounds!
Vraag me af hoe hij zelf zijn stijl noemt?
Ik zeg;­tussen trance,progressive,tech-trance en tech-house in.­
wat jullie?
Ik zeg straight from Detroit, Deep-House, warme beats van detroit heerlijk!!!!! Kippenvel
Uitspraak van Brother Lou-E op zondag 17 juni 2007 om 22:00:
trance,progressive,tech-trance en tech-house

En niks van deze onzin, Tis veel dieper als trance & progressive!!!!!

Oogjes dicht en handjes in de lucht
laatste aanpassing
vind het toch meer progressive met al die mooie melodieen.maar wel met een diepere niet echt te plaatsen in een hokje.

idd oogjes dicht op de dansvloer drankje in de linker hand, sigaretje in de rechterhand ,en lekker mee deinen en zweven.:woop:

Deep ;)
laatste aanpassing
Artiest Q-N
...­ just keep me...­ hanging on...­ (zooo vet als hij dit door "­winter"­ gooit!)
ik zeg muziek ;­ ) met gevoel ;­ )
laatste aanpassing
Artiest PaulH
neotrance noeme ze zoiets tog. maar idd wel spacend :D
wel leuk opzich, maar het is t niet helemaal..­ mja ik heb ook maar één albumpje van em...­ welke moet ik luisteren dan?
laatste aanpassing
Artiest Ticho B
kippevel...­vooral winter is een heerlijke track!
Werkzaam bij Bar27
Heel vet, dikke eigen sound :D
Uitspraak van verwijderd op zondag 4 mei 2008 om 23:37:

Damns wat een vette set op Loveland.........­altijd leuk om zulke artiesten "­toevallig"­ tegen te komen.....­
Nieuwe held erbij =­D
Winter B)