Ma Čka
8 december 2022
NaamFanny Lifad
Functie11 × DJ
HerkomstFrankrijk Frankrijk
Genresindustrial techno
AffiliatieVaulted Music
Ook herkend als
  • Ma Cka
  • Macka


Ma Čka is a techno producer and DJ from Paris, France.
"A new cold breath in Industrial Techno."

A steep, dark, powerful industrial techno with a meticulously calibrated saturation, integrating singular textures, both cold and fiery. This is how the universe of Ma Čka can be depicted both in her productions and in her DJ sets. From the most underground clubs to titanic hangars and festivals with Dantean scenography, the music of Mekanikal Blooshed's co-founder reflects in every way a scene that ignores the twilight. Ma Čka is a very promising artist and her productions of pure brutality are highly acclaimed by the current techno scene.