13 juli 2020
NaamThijs van der Meulen
Functie3 × zanger, gitarist
HerkomstNederland 🇳🇱
Genrespop, rock


Having accepted the fact that life may well be pointless, Roofman remains a romantic nonetheless. Reminiscing about nature, nurture, love as well as our simple daily thoughts, his lyrics paint the pictures we never thought we'd find the words for.

Hailing from the forests of the Netherlands, Roofman's Thijs van der Meulen is far from your typical small-community recluse. Looking to expand his vision, he has spent the last years writing, traveling, playing and sharing experiences with artists from all across the globe. Combined with musical inspirations such as Neil Young, The Walkmen and John Lennon, these stories will be captured on Roofman's debut album to be recorded in 2020.