foto Dark Droid
NaamChris B.
Genresdrum & bass


Passionated since his childhood, in 1996 Dark Droid discovers Rythm Boxes, samplers and later synthetizers.
Since this time his love for Electronic music did nothing but growing to finally become a vital need.

His very eclectic musical tastes inspire him and the alchemy that comes from it creates a singular and in the vanguard universe.

His influences go from Jazz to Rock, Classical to Hip-Hop passing by Ambient, Trip-Hop and many others Electronic styles.

His collaborations with other artists like Alf ,Neptor ,Daito,...have opened his universe to others and have created a delicious osmosis and delivers a very communicative energy.

His live acts in solo as in collab sound as a Wake up call and dynamise people like a contagious current.
His music is like a journey into senses, emotions and synaptic connections.

Dark Droid did several live acts in some mythics venues as La Chapelle, Soundstation ,Les Caves De Cornillon, Inside Out, Carlo Levi in Liège, Magasin 4 in Brussel, Backstage in Ghent...and in many other smaller places where ambience was no less intense.

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