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Functielive act, trompetist
Genresdowntempo, dub, reggae, techno


It's Dub, Downtempo and Techno reverberating far beyond genre borders. It has a summer Reggae vibe but doesn't sound like just another chapter of that good old story. It's dope and extremely danceable at the same time. It has clever lyrics, but it's all about the sound - one that's inimitably discovered and designed by JPattersson. Inspired by heavyweight bass lines, bicycle rides and Caribbean riddims, by chocolate, vintage groovebox sounds and the carefree ruckus of kids playing on the street, the young talent delivers a style that is chiefly progressive and diverse. Some tracks come with a sublime hint of Balkan sound, some with an air of Jazz...

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Laatste feest was op maandag 8 juni 2020: United We Stream
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