foto Weirdos
NaamDaniel Melegari, Riccardo Antonelli
FunctieDJ, groep
Genresdarkpsy, psytrance


Weirdos is the duo project formed by two Italian music producers: Aztec Dosage and Leso. Friends since long time, born and raised in the same area, they matched each other sharing the common passion for psychedelic trance. The nerd background was the leading key that got them involved into music production scene.

After several years spent together in parties and festivals, in 2013 in Goa they bound their ideas about psytrance giving birth to Weirdos. The name came from the idea of being surrounded and involved by many individuals, from all over the world, with different cultures but with one common goal: to share the love for psytrance and all the weirdness within. In the end, we are all weirdos in our own way.

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Laatste feest was op zondag 17 mei 2020: Parvati Records
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