foto Mindset
NaamTimmy Walker
HerkomstVerenigde Staten
Genresbass, dubstep


Diving into the rabbit hole of analog synthesis, Tim Walker has carved out an ever expanding niche for himself across the country by consistently creating a unique and abstract sound pushing the bar of the underground bass scene as we know it. Taking the rawness of modular sounds and fusing it with the swagger of modern day hip hop, Mindset has created a auditory experience that generates a response unseen in the west coast bass circuit up until now. With 808's strong enough to make even the most dedicated headbangers lose it, and ethereal synths sweet enough to make you cry, Mindset has truly created something that is redefining the bass music scene in a time where refreshing artists like himself come few and far between.

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Laatste feest was op woensdag 27 mei 2020: Wormhole
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