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Genresdrum & bass


Representing the new generation of NYC drum and bass, Nick Za brings you his own manifestation of musical performance. From wonky halftime wobblers, to heavy dancefloor rollers, Nick Za is a wizard when he is behind the decks. He has 3 EP releases to date, the first of which hit #89 on the beatport DnB charts. Alongside Dj Tuko, he and Nick Za have synergized to create one of NYC's most powerful drum and bass teams, ZUKO. Nick Za does this for the love. He loves throwing free parties with his team RaversUniteNYC, and keeping it strictly underground in the outlaw scene. Whether its a pair of Tech 1200s, or a standard digital setup, Nick Za can do it all.

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Laatste feest was op zaterdag 23 mei 2020: Oxygen
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