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Genreshappy hardcore, UK hardcore


The Voice of American Happy Hardcore, Zoe VanWest has lent her vocal talents to chart topping singles with Synthwulf, Rhythmics, Gisbo, Daniel Seven, Flawless, and many more top artists in the Hardcore genre over the years, and doing so helped to shape the American Hardcore scene.

With bringing an edge of live performance to a genre dominated by DJ only performances, her incredible live stage show, out - of - this - world wardrobe and passionate energy, Zoe' s presence as a performer has earned her a place among some of the largest acts in Hardcore.

Zoe VanWest is also the Head Designer of alternative fashion brands Kikgirl, and NightCIty Market.

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Laatste feest was op donderdag 14 mei 2020: Emote Yourself
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