13 mei 2020
NaamDavid Timko
Functie1 × DJ
HerkomstVerenigde Staten 🇺🇸
Genresbass house, downtempo, dubstep, trap


SLAVE is the creative alias of Atlanta native David Timko, whose artistic visions are rooted in a classical piano upbringing and an entry into rave culture at a young age. Since his early beginnings as a vinyl DJ, David's expressive nature has aided his evolution into a self-taught bass music producer, performer, instructor, and event promoter, fostering a local community of bass music lovers in Ohio for nearly a decade. His purpose-driven sound covers a broad spectrum of contrasting emotional themes while fusing orchestral elements into the experimental, taking listeners on an amorphic storytelling journey.

David's journey into production emerged around the same time as the rise of the aggressive Dubstep movement in North America, influencing his signature heavy sound. His early years saw steady growth with original releases, hit live performances, curated renegade gatherings, and even film scores on national TV.

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Laatste optreden was op donderdag 14 mei 2020: Manifest


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