foto Growing Horns
NaamDafus Demon
Wim Vekeman
Didier Cottenies
Sven Caes
Simon Vandoom
Genresdoom metal, sludge metal


Imagine yourself. It's pitch-black dark. Smoke rises up from a barren landscape. Vaguely reminiscent of sulfer. Why do you know that …? In the distance, razor-sharp peaks of the looming mountains ahead. They are obviously of an unkind nature. And then … an unfathomable sound. Something you've never heard before. And to be honest, it shouldn't be heard by human ears. It's the sound of burning flesh. Of titanic, ripping waves of smouldering lava. It makes your skull ache. Like something of the purest evil wants to break out. The sound grows louder. You hear a voice. Normally only heard in the 9th circle of hell. Pounding drums, booming bass and unholy guitars. Dante cries. It's Growing Horns. The next level of stoner-infested sludge doom...

Uitgaansagenda Growing Horns

Laatste feest was op zondag 15 augustus 2021: Alcatraz, Lange Munte, Kortrijk
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