foto Sanio & Zarth
NaamLeo Schneider & Erhan
FunctieDJ, groep
Genreshouse, techno


Sanio & Zarth is an alias for DJ's and producers Leo & Erhan. The duo got to know each other in Nuremberg, Germany, where both of them went to study engineering. Leo was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and is half German. Erhan, on the other hand, was born and raised in Germany and has Turkish parents. The interest in electronic music was mutual and so intense that they soon decided to become roommates and make music every spare time they had. The different origins have a great influence in their mixes, as well as in their productions, and through that they try to tell their story and touch peoples hearts, souls and bodies.

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Laatste feest was op vrijdag 7 februari 2020: Space Invaders, Oosterbar, Amsterdam
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