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Genreshouse, melodic techno, progressive house


With a sound that is hypnotic, dark, and euphoric, D.J. MacIntyre is a champion of progressive electronic music in its varied forms. His musical art is the synthesis of life experiences gathered during explorations of philosophy, Indian mythology, and winemaking. Synthesizing musical elements is at the heart of the art of djing - the mix expressed reflects the mix within.

Not only are MacIntyre's dj sets borderless in scope, but so too are his productions, often incorporating various influences and stylistic blueprints. As a producer and remixer, D.J. MacIntyre has, in a relatively short period, produced a substantial body of work, and is only gaining momentum with time. His debut album, Tandava, planted his flag in the electronic music landscape, and subsequent releases have received acclaim from some of the world's most prominent djs, having been found up and down the Beatport charts.

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Laatste feest was op woensdag 16 oktober 2019: Dazed & Confused, Kashmir Lounge, Amsterdam
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