foto Miss Trouble
FunctieMC, zangeres, rapper
HerkomstVerenigd Koninkrijk
Genresbreakbeat, drum & bass, hip hop


Miss Trouble is a singer, rapper and emcee from West London who has been ripping up stages across the globe within a vast array of genres for over 15 years. From drum & bass to jazz, rock to hip hop, Miss Trouble has performed with some of the world's greatest musicians ranging from the legendary DJ Fresh to Jazz innovator, Erik Truffaz.

From early residencies in 2003 at Middlesex University and DJ SS's Formation Records' events, Miss T created her foundation training ground, playing at rammed out drum and bass parties around the North of England alongside some of the biggest names in the business. It was at this time that she had her first ever record released with DJ Clipz on Full Cycle.

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Laatste feest was op woensdag 16 oktober 2019: Viper, Ongespecificeerde boot
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