29 augustus 2019
Functie6 × DJ
HerkomstOostenrijk Oostenrijk
Genresdrum & bass, jump up


DJ Pandora discovered her love for Jungle in 1995 in Vienna. In this year, she would become a part of the scene. She quickly purchased two turntables and a mixer and off she went to her first gigs at very underground places like Vienna's EKH or the Arena.

Pandoras first own parties in 1995 included: Pandemonium(1st floor: Hardcore-Techno, 2nd floor: Jungle, together with ATAC soundsystem),Total Exstacy(HappyBreakbeat, together with Homeboy 3) At the beginning of 1996 regular bookings came at Viennas premium weekly DnB club SUB.

In 1996, Pandoras teamin up with Lighta made her part of a well known trademark in Viennas DnB scene. Pandora & Lighta played their famous B2B sets at gigs alongside some of the industries finest including ShyFX, DJ Die, DocScott, Alleykat,… at locations like the world famous Flex (Vienna), Meierei, Wuk, Volksgarten, Massiv, in places like Wels, Linz, St.Poelten, Graz, Salzburg, St. Johann, Zell/See, Berlin, Budapest..