foto AMIDY
NaamNolan Atkins
HerkomstVerenigde Staten


By creating cinematic vibes and developing immersive stories, AMIDY takes you away from the everyday life and into a world of fantasy. Finding purpose in everyday struggles and giving hope to those that are feeling alone in the fight, you will find yourself relating to the stories that are effortlessly told through heart pounding rhythms and etherial melodies.

Nolan Atkins, the creator of AMIDY, desires to unite each individual listener to one another. The name itself means "peace between nations through dance". This can only be accomplished through the unique way he pushes the boundaries of music. Nolan personally states, "My Integrity won't be compromised, my passion won't be crushed, and my words won't be silenced."

Uitgaansagenda AMIDY

Laatste feest was op zaterdag 19 december 2020: Visions